Freight forwarder services are key components for many businesses across the niches. The freight forwarding services are crucial for running smooth operation of your business across international locations around the globe. The freight forwarders make your business operation easier by ensuring streamlined delivery of goods across international destinations. 

A freight forwarding company offers service that consists of a diverse range of services ranging from shipping company, distribution management and managing imports and exports. A commercial freight forwarder handles a little bit of all these responsibilities. Freight forwarders provide the crucial business to business shipping services and are a crucial part of the international business and world economy. 

Since all the process complexities, paperwork and business regulations are often intimidating for the businesses, the freight forwarding companies make things easier for them and prevent them from getting caught in the network of logistics. Freight forwarding companies take care of all logistics tasks from the point of origin to the ultimate delivery destination. 

The Key Services Provided by Freight Forwarder Companies

A freight forwarder company plays the role of an intermediary service between the shipper and different transportation services to help you cut through the complexities of dealing with shipping and logistics service providers. They handle shipping on cargo ships, shipping by trucks, air freight shipping, on-road shopping by motorcycle and bikes, and shipment of goods through the rail network.

A professional freight forwarding service makes use of its relationships with the network of shipping services and carriers that include air freighters, trucking companies, rail freighters, ocean liners and other on-road freight carriers. They choose the most cost-effective route after evaluating various bids and shipping choices based on shipping speed, reliability and cost. Thanks to the freight forwarding services businesses can be relieved from the concerns and complexities of handling different freight carriers and shipping services.  

The most important way freight forwarding helps businesses is by allowing them to comply with complex export documentation and different shipping requirements. Freight forwarders used by many exporters as the one stop shipping agent provides comprehensive assistance and advice for transporting goods between two international destinations without getting mired into the complexities of the process. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the export processes, government regulations in different countries, banking practices and cost components, freight forwarders appear as the comprehensive solution for international shipping and goods transport.   

  • Flawless Registration Processes 

A leading freight forwarding company offers a flawless and smooth registration process for different shipping carriers whether on the ground, sea, air and rail track. The truck drivers can also register easily to take the shipments from one place to another. They can enter the location and if any services are available, they can take incharge and get paid for it.

Here we briefly explain the registration processes of various vehicle owners to work as shipping carriers. 

  • Lorry Driver & Van Driver 

The lorry, van and truck drivers can register with the freight forwarding companies to transport goods as the on-ground shipping carrier. 

  • Business Registration 

Businesses can register with a freight forwarding company to avail international shipping and freight carrier services.  

  • Motorcycle & Bike Delivery

For on-ground shipping in remote locations and for on-premise delivery of goods motorcycle and bike riders can also reinterpret with freight forwarding companies. 

  • Value Added Services 

Leading freight forwarding services can also avail an array of value added services corresponding to the process. Let’s have a look at some of these important services provided by freight forwarding companies.

  • Freight Insurance 

Freight forwarding companies provide freight insurance to cover the risks and vulnerabilities in transportation and shipping.

  • Video Conferencing 

The video conferencing feature provided by many leading freight forwarding companies will help deliver real-time view of the handling of goods and shipping.  

  • Legal Advice 

Accomplished freight forwarding companies also provide legal consultation and advice to their business clients to understand various norms and regulations and ways to deal with them.